JK Rowling

Gave a statement at the hearing on 24 November 2011 (PM) ; and submitted 3 pieces of evidence

First witness statement, 2 November 2011

Opening with remarks about her respect for freedom of expression and here awareness of her privileged position, Rowling describes three challenges she has faced with the press: the protection of her children, the protection of her home life and ‘fair treatment’, meaning unlawful activities. She describes the care she takes to avoid publicity involving her family and home, the stress caused by media attention and her frequent need to take legal action – she has instructed solicitors on these matters at least 50 times. ‘As an adult, I have made certain choices in my life and I must accept that certain consequences follow. However, my children have not made any such choices,’ she says. She relates a legal action against Big Pictures Ltd and also four legal cases relating to intrusion into her home life. She describes dealings with the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), saying she lost confidence in it. Under ‘fair treatment’ she gives examples of blagging, leaking, false attribution and three cases of defamation. She concludes: ‘In my experience the remedies that are currently available to address this problem are either ineffective and/or do not act as a sufficient deterrent to curtail the behaviour of certain sections of the media.’

Oral Evidence 1 24 November 2011

Afternoon session, beginning transcript p35

Questioned by Robert Jay QC, she is led through her statement and elaborates or further explains some elements. She remarks: ‘Twice since 1998 I have put on a swimsuit on a public beach. Twice. And on both of those times I've been photographed.’ And: ‘If you lock horns with them [parts of the press] in this way, if you protest or you make a complaint, then you can expect some form of retribution fairly quickly.’ She gives more details of her knowledge of Operation Motorman. She responds to challenges to her evidence from the Daily Mail and the Sunday Times.

Second witness statement (undated)

Taken as read, 9 May

This short statement contains Rowling’s response to evidence five to the Inquiry on 9 February 2012 by Darryn Lyons of Big Pictures Ltd, disputing a number of his statements in relation to photographs taken of her and her family.</p

Hearing Video and Transcript

24 November 2011 (PM)

24 November 2011, afternoon session

Witness Statement

Second Witness Statement of JK Rowling
Witness Statement for witness JK Rowling
Witness Statement of JK Rowling
Witness Statement for witness JK Rowling


Oral Evidence given by JK Rowling
Oral Evidence for witness JK Rowling


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