Charlotte Church

Celebrity Gave a statement at the hearing on 28 November 2011 (PM) ; and submitted 2 pieces of evidence

Witness statement 10 November 2011

Church reviews some of her experiences and those of her family since she became famous aged 11, and discusses the difficulty of growing up as a woman celebrity under media scrutiny. She describes in particular: reporting by the Times of her reaction to the 9/11 tragedy in New York; reports by the News of the World relating to her parents; reporting by the Sun and the Daily Mail on her 16th and 18th birthdays, reporting by the Sun of her pregnancy and a report by the People about her alleged ‘proposal’ to a boyfriend in a pub. She recounts an offer of favourable coverage allegedly made to her at age 13 by the Murdoch media, and not honoured. She also discusses legal costs and the impact of phone hacking on her relationships with others.

Oral evidence 28 November 2011

Afternoon session, beginning transcript p2.

Questioned by David Sherbourne and Carine Patry Hoskins, she gave further details about some of the incidents of intrusion and of her reaction to them and those of others. She spoke of a ‘shadow network’ of informants at hotels, airlines etc, keeping the press up to date with people’s activities.

Hearing Video and Transcript

28 November 2011 (PM)

Witness Statement

Witness Statement of Charlotte Church
Witness Statement for witness Charlotte Church


Oral Evidence given by Charlotte Church
Oral Evidence for witness Charlotte Church


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