David Cameron

Politician Gave statements at the hearings on 14 June 2012 (AM) and 14 June 2012 (PM) ; and submitted 7 pieces of evidence

Witness statement 4 May 2012

Cameron answers a series of questions put to him by the Inquiry, under these rough headings: Career history, Benefits of politician-media relationship, Risks of the relationship, Differences for Opposition and Government, Benefits of relationship at elections, Risks at elections, Concerns and recommendations about these benefits and risks, Relevance of personal experience at Carlton, Personal approach to dealings with proprietors, editors etc, Discussion of political support by papers, Transparency of such interactions, Media influence on media policies, Risk to press freedom, Media influence on appointments, the Sharon Shoesmith case, the Murdoch BSkyB takeover bid, Relationship and contacts with Rupert Murdoch, Relationships and contacts with Murdoch executives, Andy Coulson.

Oral evidence 14 June 2012

Morning and afternoon sessions, beginning morning transcript p1

Questioned by Robert Jay QC, Cameron comments on and enlarges upon much of the above, notably the lessons he drew from his experience at Carlton, the workings and necessity of political-press contacts, his relations with rupert Murdoch and his executives and journalists and the BSkyB bid. The evidence ends with a discussion of regulation.

Hearing Videos and Transcripts

14 June 2012 (AM)

14 June 2012 (PM)

Witness Statement

Witness Statement of David Cameron MP
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Copy of Text Message to D Cameron 07.10.2009
Supporting Evidence for witness David Cameron
David Cameron Exhibit DC 1
Supporting Evidence for witness David Cameron
David Cameron Exhibit DC 2
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David Cameron Exhibit DC 3
Supporting Evidence for witness David Cameron
Letter from Linklaters regarding Rebekah Brook communications with Prime Ministers
Supporting Evidence for witness David Cameron
Oral Evidence given by David Cameron MP
Oral Evidence for witness David Cameron


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